How Have I Branded Myself

How Have I Branded Myself

My Reputation Score on Social Media

Recently, I have taken a look into how I present myself on social media. I decided to find out what my reputation score is through a website called “Brand Yourself” and I was encouraged to find that I fell in the yellow portion of the score. I soon went to work and by following the steps they recommended I take, I was able to bump up my score to 675, putting me in the green area! Now, after a month of working on improving my social media reputation I am only able to say I have a score of 666. I didn’t end up increasing my score but overall I know I learned a lot about the reputation I am creating for myself online.

My First Score…

When I first looked at my reputation score I was in the yellow area, after a week or so of working at it, I soon got myself to a score of 666.

First Reputation Score
First Reputation Score

My second Score…

Well, after a month of updating my social media account and revising my accounts, I was only able to achieve a score of 666. Putting down by 9 points from my previous score.

Second Reputation Score
Second Reputation Score


Steps I Took To Increase Reputation Score

I looked at the top websites that appear after googling my name and I corrected the links that showed up under my name but were not related to me. By fixing this issue I have the correct information and links showing up after searching my name. Miscommunication and false information could have been negatively impacting my social media reputation with links unrelated to me. Now, I have positive links that represent who I am and are related to my life show up when searching my name. This had a great impact on my score and this definitely increased it the most.

Furthermore, I looked into my social media names and made sure I had both my first and last name with correct spelling and without nicknames. This made sure to tell people who I am and give myself a better opportunity to look professional online. Putting my full name on my social media accounts also reduces confusions when someone is trying to find me via social media. This pushed my score up significantly and made my reputation look a little more professional than before.

I also tried to go through my social media posts, including tweets, pictures, videos, and stories. I looked at the content I was posting and whether it could be viewed in a negative or demeaning way. If so, I either deleted the post or edited it to better represent the reputation I want for myself. Doing this did help me personally but I was unable to get any points through the website because this is a paid feature.

Take Initiative of Your Reputation

You too can find out what your reputation score is and learn how to earn a better brand for yourself! If you want to learn more about the website and learning what score you have, click this link:


Become Smarter – Listen to this Podcast!

Become Smarter – Listen to this Podcast!

What Is a Podcast?

As defined by the google dictionary, a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. The podcast I discuss below refers to a public relations podcast called PR Bants. I also go into deeper detail with the specific episode I listened to, PR Bants #18.


Podcast Review

Personally, I thought this podcast was interesting due to the relevant and honest topics they discuss. I found it a little boring as the talking was soft but they kept the information on topic and to the point with a little bit of comical banter which I enjoyed.

This podcast episode (PR Bants #18) covers social media topics, specifically they discussed the following topics:

  • Twitter’s renewed efforts to tackle online abuse
  • #MeToo: The hashtag that triggered a global conversation about sexual harassment
  • Is Facebook’s “digital safety ambassador” scheme a gimmick?
  • Is the furore surrounding Dove’s “racist” body wash advert justified?
  • Fashion brand Jigsaw tackles Brexit and immigration
  • Theresa May’s party conference speech

I very much enjoyed this episode as I found all the information interesting and I enjoyed hearing the opinions of the speakers from a public relations view. There were no advertisement stops within the podcast listening but they played music from Jukedeck and they reference and advertise it. They advertised a little about the #MeToo campaign and I think this podcast could advertise more social media campaigns as it directly relates to most of their topics.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to this podcast and I was interested in the topics they discussed. I liked learning about different things happen on social media and hearing the public relations side of the stories. It was interesting to hear stories from a public relations point of view and I thought the insight from this podcast was useful. I recommend listening to this podcast to anyone who enjoys social media and being up to date on hot topics, especially if you’re looking for a public relations point of view!

More from PR Bants

Other episode from PR Bants include topics about the following:

  • Windrush and the government’s handling of a ‘national disgrace’
  •  Starbucks’ nationwide effort to educate its workforce about racial bias
  •  JD Wetherspoon go back to basics and shuts its social media accounts
  •  Maya Jama and why celebrities should care about their social media footprint
  • predictions about what is in store for the communications industry in 2018
  • How Lyft capitalised on the public backlash against Uber
  •  United Airlines’ reputation management
  •  Uber and Starbucks’ campaign to encourage young people to vote
  •  How Love Island fever swept the nation
  •  Why #AskEddie was such a hit for Southern Rail
  •  The thorny issue of the BBC Gender Pay Gap

Listen to PR Bants

If you would like to listen to PR Bants you can visit this website: PR Bants Link

If you would like to listen to the PR Bants #18 episode that I reviewed you can visit this link: PR Bants Episode #18 Link



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