Become Smarter – Listen to this Podcast!

Become Smarter – Listen to this Podcast!

What Is a Podcast?

As defined by the google dictionary, a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. The podcast I discuss below refers to a public relations podcast called PR Bants. I also go into deeper detail with the specific episode I listened to, PR Bants #18.


Podcast Review

Personally, I thought this podcast was interesting due to the relevant and honest topics they discuss. I found it a little boring as the talking was soft but they kept the information on topic and to the point with a little bit of comical banter which I enjoyed.

This podcast episode (PR Bants #18) covers social media topics, specifically they discussed the following topics:

  • Twitter’s renewed efforts to tackle online abuse
  • #MeToo: The hashtag that triggered a global conversation about sexual harassment
  • Is Facebook’s “digital safety ambassador” scheme a gimmick?
  • Is the furore surrounding Dove’s “racist” body wash advert justified?
  • Fashion brand Jigsaw tackles Brexit and immigration
  • Theresa May’s party conference speech

I very much enjoyed this episode as I found all the information interesting and I enjoyed hearing the opinions of the speakers from a public relations view. There were no advertisement stops within the podcast listening but they played music from Jukedeck and they reference and advertise it. They advertised a little about the #MeToo campaign and I think this podcast could advertise more social media campaigns as it directly relates to most of their topics.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to this podcast and I was interested in the topics they discussed. I liked learning about different things happen on social media and hearing the public relations side of the stories. It was interesting to hear stories from a public relations point of view and I thought the insight from this podcast was useful. I recommend listening to this podcast to anyone who enjoys social media and being up to date on hot topics, especially if you’re looking for a public relations point of view!

More from PR Bants

Other episode from PR Bants include topics about the following:

  • Windrush and the government’s handling of a ‘national disgrace’
  •  Starbucks’ nationwide effort to educate its workforce about racial bias
  •  JD Wetherspoon go back to basics and shuts its social media accounts
  •  Maya Jama and why celebrities should care about their social media footprint
  • predictions about what is in store for the communications industry in 2018
  • How Lyft capitalised on the public backlash against Uber
  •  United Airlines’ reputation management
  •  Uber and Starbucks’ campaign to encourage young people to vote
  •  How Love Island fever swept the nation
  •  Why #AskEddie was such a hit for Southern Rail
  •  The thorny issue of the BBC Gender Pay Gap

Listen to PR Bants

If you would like to listen to PR Bants you can visit this website: PR Bants Link

If you would like to listen to the PR Bants #18 episode that I reviewed you can visit this link: PR Bants Episode #18 Link



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