Replacing Personal Interactions

Replacing Personal Interactions

Effects of Social Media

Social media is drastically sweeping into our lives. Social media is replacing personal interactions and encouraging miscommunication. However, it also increases long distance connections and allows information at a click of a button. The different uses of social media are spreading into our everyday routines and the affects it takes on our lives need to be known. Social media has both beneficial and detrimental aspects when interfering with personal interactions and is shown both personally and professionally.

Personally, I grew up in a very family oriented home. My parents were strong advocates for family game nights and dinners. However, while the use of social media increased in my family there was a noticeable decrease in the amount of family interactions. The personal interactions between my family is negatively affected by social media. Society’s ability to communicate on an emotional level is now hidden behind screens. The ability to relate, understand, and read body signals is being forgotten and replaced by the emotionless text or post. Social media is slowly taking over natural human communication and is hindering it away from personal interaction.

However, the ability to stay connected from a distance through social media does highlight benefits. Many people use social media as a tool to stay connected to distant friends and family. Social media used personally keeps people updated on their lives and help the connection of long distance relationships. Not only does the ability to communicate from a distance benefit the personal uses but also the professional uses. Social media platforms has allowed business’s the opportunity to reach their audiences sufficiently and easily. The professional use of social media includes everyone and has become an important part of advertising and public relations. The ability to reach an audience anywhere in the world and create connections is a vital part of marketing plans. Therefore, his aspect of social media is beneficial both personally and professionally.

Lastly, while social media supplies easy access to information about anything and anyone with a click of a button, the information found is commonly taken out of context and misinterpreted. Information about anyone is at your fingertips and involves no confrontation. Retrieval about peoples interests, life choices, careers, and hobbies are accessed through personal and professional use. What is put online for everyone to see can either benefit or hurt the reputation of that person. Miscommunication is a common factor of retrieving information about someone without their presence. Events are placed out of context, decisions are judged without explanation, and interests are scrutinized based on the opinion of the searcher. This is a powerful tool and can be used in both beneficial and detrimental ways.

Conclusively, social media is interfering with everyday communication. Through replacing personal and emotional interactions, increasing long distance relationships, and encouraging miscommunication. Both personally and professionally social media is affecting human interaction. Social media will continue to grow and knowing what the possible outcomes are can greatly influence personable interactions. This communication tool shows both positive and negative aspects and is not slowing down on it’s way into our everyday routines.

Social Media
Social Media




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