Robots and Siri and Holograms – Oh My!

Robots and Siri and Holograms – Oh My!

The Progress of Technology

When I think of the future of technology I can never picture a specific design or piece of life changing technology. I think of all the possibilities, no matter the shape/form/look, of how technology can help, or not help, society today. In a field like Advertising and Public Relations, technology is a vital part of the everyday job. Staying in the know of upcoming and current technology is what keeps professionals in this field relevant and able to do their job to the best of their ability. Technology is going to grow and continue to grow everyday, every hour, every second! The possibilities are never ending and all it takes is our imagination and some pretty handy engineering to create.

Continuing on from my point about how technology can or cannot help today’s society is a, somewhat nerdy, point of view from my Anthropology class. In class we discussed the question, what is progress? Progress is not always as promising as it sounds. In many old-fashioned cultures (like the ones where gathering and hunting is their only source of survival), when a more developed government tries to implement their way of life, many things go wrong in the culture that was once thriving. The progress that the developed government hoped to achieve with the indigenous culture, in fact, back fired. The word progress can now be seen in a new perspective and the same perspective can be used to look at technology. Is the progress of technology truly beneficial? Plenty of movies and shows have demonstrated the negative effects that technology and the progress of technology have taken on society: Nerve, CyberBullying, Unfriended, Black Mirror, and of course, The Matrix. Technology can definitely make a powerful and positive impact on society but with the wrong people taking advantage of that power (or in the case of The Matrix, technology outsmarting humans) negativity can spread. While both takes on technology are valid, I believe that technology creates a positive environment for people to connect with each other and inspire one another. Especially in the field of advertising and public relations where the everyday use of technology is used to spread ideas, opinions, products, and persuasive slogans. As technology develops so will the uses, can you imagine a time where twitter, an extremely popular tactic in this industry, disappears and a new social network takes its place? Imagine the hologram version of twitter where a 3D image of someone pops out of the newest iPhone and repeats the tweet to you as a hologram. Commercials could interact and connect to the viewers on a whole new level! This is technology progressing in a positive and helpful manner, that is, when used in a positive way.

Finally, when it comes down to it, technology is a tool. The future of technology is put in the hands of the people and it is up to us to use this powerful tool in a positive or negative way. Technology will always be evolving but the choice of how it progresses is truly in the way we decide to use it. In the world of advertising and public relations there is no doubt that new and enhanced versions of broadcasting information is a top priority. The tools of advancing technology can help reach a broader audience, it can connect ideas to people in a stronger matter, and it can visualize and detail the goals and dreams of people on a larger platform. How will you choose to progress your technology? I encourage you to use the tools you have at your fingertips; voice your opinions, random thoughts, ideas, and concerns! Listen to others expressing themselves and create connections! The world of technology is in your hands, be smart with how you progress.












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